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Nanowrimo 2019 Recap

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As of 5pm today I stopped writing so it’s time to go over the totals from this year’s Nanowrimo. While I certainly didn’t start and finish a novel, I actually got a lot done this past month, including writing every day! Here are the totals:

  • Writing Days: 30/30 100%! Booyah!
  • Fresh Text Written: 9,110 words. This completed the first draft of my detailed outline for my next book at 20,463 words!
  • Text Edited: 32,028 words. I edit significantly faster than I write. When I tracked word counts per day for Full Coverage I saw that I edited about 3x faster than writing from scratch, which comes out to ~1,000 words/hour versus ~3,000 words per hour. That trend seems to be holding true for this book too. This amount of editing was enough for me to finish a first round of edits on my detailed outline and get about halfway through the 2nd pass. I’m at the point now where I’m fixing names so they don’t all sound alike (post on that later) and putting in actual locations and straightening out the timeline. I know how this story goes!
  • Total Words: 41,138. This comes out to an average of about 1,371 words per day. My shortest day was only 22 words when I squeezed in some in between a long work day and a social event and my longest was today when I edited 9,487 words in about 3 hours. Even if you can only add a sentence, keep the streak going!

So what’s next? My plan is to finish up this 2nd editing pass and then send this outline out to my awesome editor for her to help me edit the plot. I’m doing that before writing the actual book this time to make things more efficient so I don’t waste time writing chapters that get cut out.

While she is editing this outline. I’ll start on the outline for the sequel, which I’ve already started brainstorming a bit for. My goal is to publish both books next year, but more on that later 😉

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