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The Gray Shift (PDX CTB Book 1)

FBI Special Agent Jake Sohn is a by the book agent fresh out of the FBI academy. For the past two years he has been stationed at the Portland Counterterrorism Bureau without any terrorists to stop, absolutely bored out of his skull. While his coworkers enjoy the low stress and monthly furlough weeks, Jake isn’t content to be merely a deterrent and yearns for a real challenge.

When a terrorist mastermind calling himself Zeke launches an attack, Jake and his untested team  are forced into action. As Jake tracks down Zeke and his followers, other factions within the government use the attacks to their advantage. Faced with the reality that right and wrong aren’t black and white, Jake must choose his shade of gray.


The third draft for The Gray Shift is complete and out to my beta readers and editor for review!

The cover art for the Kindle/ebook version is also complete as you can see! 😎

The Unsettled Compromise (PDX CTB Book 2)

It’s election season! Six months after the events of The Gray Shift, prospective candidates gear up for the primaries for the chance to fill the many voids left in the government. As per tradition, the first state was chosen by Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day. This time, the primaries will start in Oregon.

Against the backdrop of campaign posters slapped on every surface, Jake and the PDX CTB team find themselves at odds with an increasingly hostile Portland Police Department after they arrest two dirty cops during an operation. Despite Jake’s attempts to negotiate with the police, he keeps finding that they would rather pick a fight than hold any of their own accountable.

When an unknown force wipes out most of the police in the state, Jake, the CTB team and the surviving members of the Portland PD must track down and stop the culprits. As they dig deeper and uncover those responsible for the attack, they realize that the threat is much bigger than they thought and that the very future of democracy in America is at stake.


The first draft of the outline is in progress! I’m going to try and finish this one by the end of 2023, but it may bleed over in 2024.

The cover art for the Kindle/ebook version is also complete as you can see! 😎

Coming Soon

Untitled Sequel to Full Coverage

After the PDX CTB books, I’ll be returning to the late 21st century for the sequel to Full Coverage. I know what the title will be but I’m keeping it a secret for now 😉 This one is just in the brainstorming phase right now so it probably won’t be out until 2024 at the earliest.