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Halfway Through Nanowrimo 2019

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This year I decided to do a modified Nanowrimo and focus on outlining my next book with goal being to have no 0 word count days. 15 days in and I’ve managed to keep that streak alive! My totals so far are below:

Date Words
11/1/2019 820
11/2/2019 523
11/3/2019 1,079
11/4/2019 702
11/5/2019 397
11/6/2019 413
11/7/2019 788
11/8/2019 567
11/9/2019 1,679
11/10/2019 1,347
11/11/2019 139
11/12/2019 22
11/13/2019 33
11/14/2019 382

So far I’ve been averaging 635 words per day. This has been enough for me to complete my first detailed outline, which was 11,572 words long on 10/31, with 19,887 words. I expect that this next book will wind up about 80-100k words long so right now my book will probably be about 4-5x the length of the outline, which sounds about right and may be an underestimate since I have a lot of dialogue in some spots of my outline.

I was planning on counting this post towards my writing total for today (these 182 words are writing related!), but I’ve got some ideas in my head I want to jot down first so I think I’ll go for a two-fer tonight.

On to the next half of Nanowrimo and editing my detailed outline! Good luck to everyone else who is participating this year too!

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