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Full Coverage Sales 2017-2022

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Three days ago Amazon updated the Kindle Reports page that tracks sales of my books on their site to make it a lot more usable. Previously it would only shows sales in dollar amounts and and Kindle Unlimited in pages read. This meant you could kind of guess the amount of sales based on the data but it wasn’t an exact amount and if you wanted a detailed report you had to use something like Book Report to convert all that raw Kindle Reports data into something useful. Now however, it looks like Amazon copied a lot of Book Report’s functionality and moved it into the base Kindle Reports site. This gives me a good opportunity to take a look at how Full Coverage performed over the past 5 years 😱 since I published it in 2017.

So far Full Coverage has sold 90 copies. All but one of those was in the US. One person in Germany bought a copy in April 2021. The breakdown is:

  • Kindle ebooks: 44
  • Paperbacks: 46
This is the new Kindle Reports Page for Orders

Kindle Unlimited, referred to as KENP here for “Kindle Unlimited Edition Normalized Pages” since it pays by the pages read, also gives some interesting info. Full Coverage appears to be 234 “Kindle Normalized Pages” long, which means about 19.5 people read it on Kindle Unlimited. I also snagged two Kindle Unlimited readers in Germany and Canada who finished it and one person in the UK who apparently didn’t like it after 23 pages. I’m rather curious to see what happens on page 23 now to see what turned them off. Maybe the jokes about American health insurance seemed too far fetched?

But what about the cold hard cash, you ask? Well, according to this Full Coverage has made me $305.77 so far with about half of that coming in the first three months of release. Not too bad for a first try. That’s about 20 inflation boosted burritos. I also haven’t run any ads for it since April 2017 so the occasional random buys are still nice to see now and then.

It will be interesting to track my future books with this updated reporting site. It’s definitely a lot better than it used to be and the per country breakdowns are neat.

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