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The Gray Shift Outline (v3) is Out for Editing!

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I completed the third draft of the outline for The Gray Shift last week and it is now out for editing. This is the third version I’ve sent to my awesome editor and this has some pretty major changes to the characters and tone that I think make it work a lot better. I should get the edits back in a few weeks and if everything looks good to go then I’ll start on writing the first draft of the full book after that.

This version of the outline is 41 chapters and 21,802 words, an average of 531 words per chapter, which is pretty close to my target of 500 words per chapter for the outline.

Now that this outline is out for editing I’m resuming work on outlining the sequel, which will be called The Unsettled Compromise since I want to launch these next two a month apart. Current status on all books is below:

The Gray Shift: 3rd draft of the outline out for editing
The Unsettled Compromise: (This is the sequel to The Gray Shift) 1st draft of the outline in progress
Full Coverage 2: Fuller Coverage: (This is not the real title, the real title involves 🥓 😉) Occasionally brainstorming and adding notes/ideas to OneNote but not actively working on it yet.

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